Windshield washer not working

I recently topped up the washer fluid in my 2017 Sorento 2.0 GDI, but it still is not spraying when I use it. I did not add much fluid, and I confirmed that the fuse wasn’t blown. When I pull the lever, I can hear a humming sound, indicating that the pump is running, but neither the front nor the rear sprayers are dispensing water. Any suggestions?

It sounds like something is either lodged or frozen. Because you recently purchased it, perhaps the old fluid is not the one you use? Perhaps it was rubbish, then you added your own, so it now falls somewhere in the middle. If possible, empty it out, pour some in, run it through the pump, and then refill. This should clear it of any possibly harmful fluid.

If it fails, I believe Hyundai has a 5-year warranty.

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Have you tried unclogging the windshield’s washer nozzle? Inspect the nozzle/jets on the top of your hood near the windshield and look for signs that something has blocked them. Sometimes, automotive wax or polish can block the outlet for the jets and prevent fluid from spraying properly.
You can achieve that by grabbing a small and soft brush, like a toothbrush dipped in warm water and scrubbing the outlets or using a pin to poke through the nozzle