Why is my Kia showing a battery discharge warning?

This morning while driving, a warning popped up on the screen saying, “Battery discharge warning. Please use the system with engine running.” However, the engine was definitely running; we were going at 110 km/h.

I’ve seen this warning before, usually after shutting down the engine but leaving the radio on. The vehicle is a 2016 Sorento SX AWD with about 115,000 km mileage. The belt looks fine, and the battery connections are secure.

Any ideas on what might be causing this?

Your 2016 Sorento’s battery warning light is cause for alarm. Here are a few possible causes:

  • Alternator problem: The alternator might not be charging the battery properly while the engine runs. This could be because of a faulty alternator or issues with the charging system.
  • Battery condition: Despite the 115,000 km mileage, the original battery may be nearing the end of its lifespan and unable to hold a full charge. A weakening battery could trigger the warning.
  • Electrical drain: There could be a parasitic electrical draw on the battery, even when the engine is on, caused by a faulty component or wiring problem. This can slowly discharge the battery.

To identify the problem, I advise to have a mechanic examine the battery and charging system. They can examine the battery’s condition, the alternator’s output, and any unusual electrical pulls. Resolving the underlying issue should stop the battery warning light from coming on again. Please contact me with any more inquiries!

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All i can advice you to is to consult your mechanic to check on your car