Why are Kias so expensive to insure?

Hey good people,
I’m thinking about buying a used car soon. Right now, I pay $2200 every year for insurance on my old 2011 Mitsubishi Lancer, which is almost worn out. But if I get a newer Kia Optima from 2018 or later, the insurance could cost me between $3400 and $3600 a year! That seems crazy expensive! Even if I decide to go for a lower-priced BMW or Audi from 2018 or later, the insurance would be cheaper than for a Kia car.

I checked out different car brands, and Mazda seems to have the cheapest insurance. Depending on whether I choose the Mazda 3, Mazda 6, or CX-5, it could cost me between $2400 and $2700 a year.

I wonder why the insurance is so high for Kia cars

There are two main reasons Kia insurance might be higher and they are

Theft Rates: Kia and Hyundai saw a spike in thefts due to a social media challenge. This can make them statistically riskier to insure for some companies.

Repair Costs: Depending on the model and year, some Kias may have higher repair costs compared to Mazdas, which can factor into insurance premiums.

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