Why are Kias ~$2,000 cheaper than other brands?

I was considering purchasing a Honda Civic or a Kia Forte, even though I was aware of Kia’s poor reputation for dependability and build quality. I’m not sure why the Kia Forte is about $2000 less expensive, though. Is the Kia worth $2000 more than I should save, or does it represent lower-quality parts that will eventually cost me more in depreciation and repairs?


Just purchased a 2017 Kia Forte S to use as a daily driver. Under $11,000 for 40k miles with autonomous braking, carplay, and lane assistance.

Choose a Honda if you require the vehicle to have some residual value. Go, Kia, if you’re going to smash it into the ground.

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Kias are often priced lower due to competitive pricing strategies, efficient manufacturing processes, and possibly lower perceived brand value compared to more established brands, influencing pricing in the market.