Which Kia models are being targeted?

My 2022 Kia Fortes has just been stolen! Kias seemed to be a frequent target in 2023. Does anyone know which years and models continue to pose the greatest risk? I want to strengthen security before acquiring more.


I am really sad to hear about your Forte. The most targeted Kia models are still those with conventional keys (models 2011–2021). It is possible that Forte’s yours as well. Discuss a software update that functions as an immobilizer with your dealer.


I regret learning of your Kia Forte’s demise. Regrettably, because of weaknesses in their ignition systems, some Kia models—especially those manufactured between the middle of the 2010s and the beginning of the 2020s—have been serial thieves’ targets. Particularly vulnerable are models from these years, such as the Kia Optima, Sorento, and Soul.

Take into consideration these actions to improve security on your future car:

Installing a steering wheel lock can serve as a potent visual disincentive.
Modernize the Alarm System: A more sophisticated alarm can offer more security.
If your car is stolen, you may find it with the use of a GPS tracker.
Use immobilizers to stop someone from hot-wiring the vehicle.

I hope you stay safe and have success buying your future vehicle!

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Kia cars manufactured between 2011 and 2021 are often targeted, particularly those without immobilizers. Vehicles with modern security measures should be given priority, and for extra security, think about installing aftermarket anti-theft equipment.

Push buttons provide a considerable risk. This model was targeted due to a lack of electronic engine immobilisers, which prevent unauthorised engine start.