Where Are Kia Vehicles Made?

I’ve been wondering about the various locations where Kia manufactures its vehicles around the world. Can someone provide insights or a list of countries and specific factories where Kia cars are produced?

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Here is the list of Locations where Kia Vehicles are manufactured:

  • South Korea: Production centers in Gwangmyeong, Hwaseong, and Seosan.
  • Slovakia: Žilina plant manufactures models for Europe.
  • India: Anantapur facility caters to the Indian market.
  • China: Joint venture plants in Yancheng and Yangzhou.
  • Mexico: Pesquería plant produces vehicles for North America.
  • USA: Assembly plant in West Point, Georgia.

This global manufacturing network enables Kia to efficiently meet vehicle demand across different regions worldwide. Let me know if you have questions about Kia’s production footprint.

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@Hannah It is likely that you frequently see Kia vehicles on Springfield’s roads, and wonder where Kia is manufactured. Although it has major new Kia facilities in Slovakia and the United States, Kia’s headquarters are in Seoul South Korea.


Kia, a South Korean automobile manufacturer, produces vehicles in various locations around the world.

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Kia vehicles are manufactured in several locations around the world, Kia vehicles are manufactured in countries like South Korea, United States, Slovakia, china , Mexico and India.