What's the connection between Kia and Hyundai?

So, I’ve been thinking about Hyundai and Kia and how they’re connected. They’re both car companies from South Korea. But they’re not like Honda/Acura or Toyota/Lexus, where one is fancier than the other. That’s where Hyundai/Genesis comes in as the fancy line. But there’s still some kind of partnership between Hyundai and Kia.

At one point, Hyundai owned 51% of Kia, but then it went down to 33%. Now Kia owns part of some of Hyundai’s other companies? It’s a bit confusing. Also, it’s weird that some parts like engines and brakes have both Hyundai and Kia logos on them. Kia’s original parts sometimes even have Hyundai stickers, which seems odd if they’re two separate companies.

Do they use the same factories?

Could it be that they rely on each other because they’re both from South Korea?

Can someone explain their relationship better?

Is one fancier than the other? From what I’ve seen, Hyundai is more about luxury, while Kia is more sporty. Is that right? suggestions are welcome.

Hyundai and Kia are different companies, but they are very connected. Hyundai owns more than half of Kia Motors. They work together on many things like sharing factories, parts, and ideas for making cars better. Even though they share a lot, they each have their own teams for selling, delivering, and designing cars. For example, Kia Telluride and Hyundai Palisade are similar in some ways because they use the same base for building, but they are still their own unique brands.

Hyundai and Kia are like siblings in the car world. Hyundai Motor Group is the parent company, but Kia and Hyundai operate as separate brands.

They share resources like engines and platforms, which explains parts with both logos.

Hyundai has a more established reputation, focusing on value and comfort, while Kia is known for its sporty style and good value. There’s not a huge luxury gap between.