What’s the purpose of the patch on the rear passenger door of a 2016 Sorento SX?

Hey guys, I spotted something odd on my 2016 Sorento SX yesterday. Right at the bottom of the passenger door, there’s this little patch that’s not on any other door. Couldn’t manage to post a pic, but does anyone know what’s up with that?

The patch is likely a paint protection film. Its purpose is to prevent scratches from road debris kicked up by the wheels. This type of film is common on many cars to protect the paint in vulnerable areas.

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Uh oh, passenger door mystery! This little patch sounds like a secret mission for your Kia. No worries, we can crack the case. Here are some ideas: owner’s manual, Kia Sorento forums, or a visit to the Kia dealership’s secret service

Oh wow, that’s a relief! I was worried it might be something serious.

So it’s a protective film to prevent scratches - are these films common on Kia Sorento passenger doors specifically, or just a general way to protect car doors?

I had a similar issue with my 2015 Sorento a while back. In my case, it turned out to be a bit of rust starting to form. It’s pretty common for these spots to appear near the bottom of the doors where water and debris can accumulate. Here are a few things it could be:

  1. Rust: This was my problem. Check if the patch is rough or if the paint is bubbling. If it is, it might be rust starting to form.
  2. Paint Damage: Sometimes, small scratches or chips can cause a patch to appear. Look closely to see if the paint is damaged.
  3. Road Tar or Debris: It could be something stuck to your car. Try washing the area to see if it comes off.
  4. Manufacturing Defect: There’s a small chance it’s a defect from the factory. If your car is still under warranty, you might want to visit the dealership.

I’d suggest cleaning it first to see if it’s just something on the surface. If it doesn’t come off, take it to a mechanic or body shop. It’s best to catch these things early to avoid bigger problems later.