What does Kia Ora mean?

Hi everyone, I’m curious because I noticed that on some New Zealand shopping websites, they greet you with ‘kia ora’ when you first visit the site. But I’m wondering, how is this phrase used in everyday situations?
Would you send it in a text? Is it informal or formal? When wouldn’t you use it? Can you say it to friends or family in person? Are there other ways it’s used or not used?
I’m just curious.
(Sorry for all the questions!)


Yes, you can definitely use “kia ora” in text messages or online chats, especially with friends or acquaintances.


Absolutely, you can use “kia ora” with friends and family in person. It’s a warm and welcoming greeting that fosters a sense of connection and respect.

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If someone does something nice for you, you might respond with “kia ora” to show your gratitude.

‘Kia ora’ is a versatile Maori greeting used in both formal and informal settings. It’s fine for texts, in-person hellos to anyone, and on digital platforms. It’s widely accepted and used frequently in NZ.