What caused your radio to stop working and how did you fix it?

Hey fellow Sorento enthusiasts, I ran into a bit of a snag with my 2022 SX-P’s radio the other day. Tried all the usual troubleshooting tricks like resetting the system, hitting the reset button near the volume knob, even disconnecting the battery for a bit. Nothing seemed to do the trick.

But then, I stumbled upon a May 2023 Navigation Map and Software Update! I went through the process, got my flash drive ready, and let the Sorento update itself. Surprisingly, it actually fixed the radio issue!

Now, here’s the kicker - the update didn’t seem to offer much in terms of actual upgrades, except for those with EV models. But hey, it did the job for my radio problem, so no complaints here!

Just wanted to share in case anyone else runs into a similar issue. Happy cruising, fellow Sorentians!
May 2023 Navigation Map and Software Update > Notice | Official Kia Navigation Update Website


The easiest fix is to have someone who knows how to tackle these issues and deal with them.
Glad I could help you there.

Without knowing the vehicle and this if we are talking about a regular head unit or infotainment system or if your vehicle has a node for the audio system) and the specific issue you’re having (e.g., no power at all, power but no sound, etc, there is not much we can do.

A possible ‘Hail Mary play’, if you have power to it, is to look for a tiny pinhole one there by design, not by accident.
Some head units have a reset function where you put a pick, paper clip, or what have you in there then press in to reset the head unit.

If you don’t have power to it, then of course you check your fuses, and check your connections if need be some have a fuse on the back of the head unit itself which you would need to pull out to check and replace one.


I am glad to hear that the May 2023 Kia Sorento GPS map and software update cured your radio issue! Even if it did not include big feature updates, resolving a long-standing issue is usually a positive development. Congratulations to Kia on providing timely updates to address customer concerns. Sharing your positive experience will help other Sorento owners who may be experiencing similar radio issues. Here’s to a pleasant ride with your Sorento following a successful navigation system upgrade!

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Is the Sorento SX-P radio dead? I agree! We tried everything, and boom - the May 2023 Navigation Update cured it! The update itself looked EV-focused, but no complaints here! Sharing with fellow riders:

My radio issue: [A brief description of the radio problem]
Fixed: May 2023 Navigation Update (https://update.kia.com/).
This update might also address other bugs! I hope it helps!

I had the same weird radio issue with my 2022 Sorento SX-P a while back. Tried everything - reset, button mashing, the whole shebang. Nothing worked! Then, I found this update for the navigation maps and software (it was May 2023 at the time). I figured, “What the heck?” Downloaded it, updated the car, and guess what? Radio started working perfectly again! Now, the update itself didn’t seem to have many new features, but hey, it fixed my radio and that’s all that matters, right?