What are the differences between Kia and Hyundai practically and in brand philosophy?

I’ve looked through several Kiatalks, including this one, on Google, but I’m not sure how the brands differ from one another. Although it seems evident that they share chassis and parts, I’m curious about what distinguishes the different manufacturers. Even though GM has rebranded its brands frequently, the marquees have at least maintained distinct brand ideologies: performance for Pontiac, entry-level luxury for Buick, economy for Chevy, luxury for Cadillac, etc. The more Hyundai Motor Company enhances its offerings and strengthens its market position, the more intriguing I find this question to be.

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Numerous Kias are ranked at the top in their class or very close to it by Consumer Reports. Even though they might not be as dependable as Toyota or Honda, they are now a better automaker than average.