School me on the KIA Engine Problems

All I want to do is share with you my experiences with Hyundai and Kia since 2020.

Vehicles owned by me and my son:

2003 (estimated) Hyundai Accent
2010 Kia Rio
2017 Kia Forte
2019 Kia Forte
2023 Kia Niro

At least a few Sonatas have been sold since Kia started selling them.

currently he has a 2023 Santa Fe.

Our 2010 Rio’s alternator was the only issue we have encountered.

Never burn oil, never leak oil, nothing.

We do get the oil changed every 6 months and handle maintenance.

Therefore, I find it difficult to fully understand all the concerns that I come across online. We have had 10 or more Hyundai and Kia cars as a family; please note that I am not downplaying other people’s problems.

I just have to say that I adore my new Niro and try to find reasons to drive it.

If anything, what am I overlooking?

In recent years, Kia and Hyundai, its sister manufacturer, have experienced engine problems, especially with certain of the models from the early 2010s until 2021. What to know is broken out as follows:

The primary concern is excessive oil consumption and the possibility of engine failure brought on by a number of issues, such as oil leaks and metallic debris in engines . Lawsuits and recalls have resulted from this.
Engines affected: The most often reported four-cylinder GDI (gasoline direct injection) engines are the 2.0L and 2.4L models. Theta, Lambda, Gamma, Kappa, and Nu engines are also mentioned in the lawsuit.
Kia automobiles from 2009 to 2021, including well-known models like the Sorento, Optima, and Sportage, may be impacted

The Kia vehicles involved suffer from a defect linked to the engine’s connecting rod bearing. This bearing can allegedly fail, causing the engine to seize, stall, fail, and even catch on fire.

howdy people not all KIA vehicles may be impacted by these issues. If you have concerns regarding a particular KIA model or your own KIA vehicle, it’s advisable to verify any recalls on the NHTSA website or seek advice from a qualified mechanic.

I bought a new Kia Sorento with the 2.4L engine one year before they switched to the GDI motor. At first, I was upset because the GDI engine was rated at 275hp compared to my 175hp, with a similar MPG rating. Now, I feel fortunate to own my slower car.