New owner needs a Key Fob

Just completed a 250-mile drive to buy a 2021 Sportage SX AWD. I truly enjoy the Sportage for what it is, and the return drive was uneventful as it should have been. The dealer only had one key, which I wish I had known before deciding on the numbers. Can I just have a locksmith cut the blank key after purchasing a key fob from Amazon or eBay, programming it myself? I am adamant about not purchasing one from a dealer. Although I doubt Kia would be as pricey, I had to pay $400 at a Volvo store for a key fob.

You can buy a key fob online and get a locksmith to cut the key. Some key fobs can be self-programmed, saving you a trip to the dealer. It’s a cheaper option compared to dealership prices.

we are always taught that,If you possess only one key fob, it’s prudent to contemplate acquiring two replacements. Keeping a spare key fob is a valuable security precaution in the event of losing one.

Yes, you can purchase a key fob online and have a locksmith cut the key. Programming it yourself may require specific instructions, often available online or from the seller. It’s a cost-effective alternative to dealership pricing.