Kia vs. Toyota vehicles

I have always owned Toyotas, and they’ve been reliable. However, my 2010 Yaris is wearing out, so I’m thinking about getting a used 2017-2019 Kia Soul.

It offers more room without being a full SUV, and I like its distinctive style. I just need a dependable car for commuting, groceries, and weekend trips outside Toronto.

I wish Toyota had better small SUV options, and the price of the Kia Soul is tempting. Should I try out a Kia or stick with Toyota?


Explore the Kia Soul! It offers space, style, and a tempting price. Test drive to compare with Toyota and decide what suits you best!


@LebronJames Kia Soul or Toyota? You want a reliable car with more room than your Yaris for groceries and trips. Here’s a hint:

  • Kia Soul: More space, cool look, reliable these days (check warranty!), possibly cheaper. Might not drive as smooth as a Toyota.
  • Toyota: Super reliable, holds its value well, comfy ride. Less cargo space, might cost more.

Try driving both! may make you change your mind but i second on Kia Soul might be perfect for space and price.


Ah I see, thank you for the additional insights.

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I agree with you @robertkennedy that * Kia has significantly improved their reliability in recent years, so the Soul should be a fairly dependable option…

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@LebronJames Consider the Kia Soul given the limitations of your Yaris and Toyota’s small SUV options. The Soul offers more space, a distinctive style, and improved reliability. Test driving the Soul and comparable Toyota models will help you decide which suits your needs best. While Toyotas are reliable, the Kia Soul’s value could be a smart choice for your commute and lifestyle.

I would stick with a Toyota for its relatively lower and cheap maintenance price. Im also assuming you want to compare Toyota and KIA SUVs.
I also think Toyotas are also better at fuel economy, despite what others say, but it depends on the SUV you want. I would also bear in mind that the KIA is more powerful and has more speed and horsepower so it’s definitely going to use up more fuel
However, I wouldn’t rule out KIA, so its up to you to decide