Kia sorento camera is blinking in reverse! Does anybody know how to fix this?

The camera screen on my 2019 Kia Sorento started flickering when I put it in reverse! It had no particular rationale for doing it when it first started. Has anyone seen this issue before and has a solution?

I am sorry to learn that your 2019 Kia Sorento’s reverse camera is not working properly. Undoubtedly, the flickering camera screen is a bothersome issue.

The Cause:

I> correct or loose camera connection: Inspect the wiring and connections of the camera for problems.

Fix a software or system malfunction by updating the infotainment system software in the car.
Damage to the camera: Look for any visible physical harm.

It would be best to start by inspecting the connections and wiring. You might need to have the camera system diagnostically tested by a mechanic or the dealer if that does not resolve the issue.

It sounds annoying! Hardware problems, software bugs, or faulty connections can all cause flickering displays in automobile cams. For diagnostics, check for updates or contact Kia service; depending on the reason, there are several remedies for this frequent problem.