How to replace the battery in a Kia key fob?

Hey, guys! So, you know how sometimes the battery in your Kia key fob just decides to call it quits? Well, I’m dealing with that right now. Does anyone know the best way to replace the battery in a Kia key fob? I’ve been trying to figure it out, but I’m not sure where to start.

Any tips or tricks would be much appreciated!

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Hey Unclewaffl3s! Replacing the battery in your Kia key fob is actually pretty straightforward. Here’s a quick guide to get you back to beeping and zooming in no time:

  1. Locate the Release: Find the button on the back of the key fob and push it to release the metal key.
  2. Pry Open the Case: Use a flat-tip screwdriver to gently pry open the fob case. Be careful to keep the silver plastic pieces in place.
  3. Replace the Battery: Slide out the old battery and replace it with a new CR2032 battery, making sure the positive side is facing up.
  4. Reassemble: Put the case back together and slide the metal key back in.

Just that and you are all set. If you prefer a visual aid, you can also check out this video.

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Why not take this kind of stuff to the professionals?
It will surely safe you time and unnecessary headache.

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did you want to say “save” or “safe”? :thinking:

I’ve replaced the battery in my Kia key fob before, and it’s actually pretty easy! There are two main types of Kia fobs: ones that open with a physical key and newer ones without. For both, you’ll need a new CR2032 battery (available at most stores). For the flip-out key fob, simply pop out the key and use it to pry open the fob casing at a designated spot. The newer fob might require a small flathead screwdriver to gently pry open a seam on the side. Once you’re inside, just replace the old battery with the positive side facing down, snap the fob back together, and test it out! If you’re unsure about your specific fob type or need a more visual guide, there are plenty of helpful videos online that can walk you through the steps. In just a few minutes, you’ll have your key fob working like new!