How to open kia soul gas tank

Hey Kia Soul owners - What is the process for opening your car’s gas tank? Discovering the release latch on a used Kia Soul is proving to be difficult. Is getting to the gas tank a particular hard?

To ensure that I am recharging appropriately, I would greatly appreciate any advice. Regards in advance!

To open the fuel filler door, pull up on the fuel filler door opener located on the driver’s side floor area inside the vehicle. Check out this video.

Someone has never operated a vehicle before.

I’ve owned a Kia Soul for a few years now, and initially, finding the gas tank release was a bit tricky. On my model, the release latch is located on the driver’s side floor, near the bottom left corner of the driver’s seat. It’s a small lever that you pull towards you to open the gas tank door. Once you pull the lever, you’ll hear a faint click, indicating that the door is unlocked.

Getting to the gas tank itself isn’t difficult; after unlocking the door, you simply push on the outer edge of the door, and it pops open. One tip is to make sure the car is unlocked when trying to access the gas tank, as some models require this for the release to work. Once you’re familiar with the location of the release lever, it becomes a quick and easy process.