How to Fix a Leaking Gas Line Above the Tank on an '08 Rondo?

Hey everyone, I’ve got a leaking gas line above the tank on my '08 Kia Rondo, and it looks like a nightmare to remove. Does anyone have any tips for tackling this job? Also, where can I find the interior pump access hole?

Thanks in advance!

To fix a leaking gas line above the fuel tank on a 2008 Kia Rondo here are some steps you need to follow:

  1. Locate the leak and visually inspect the gas line.
  2. Relieve fuel system pressure by disconnecting the battery and running the engine until it stalls.
  3. Access the gas line by removing any necessary underbody panels or trim.
  4. Cut out the damaged section of gas line and install a new replacement piece, using proper connectors and clamps.
  5. Check for leaks by reconnecting the battery and inspecting the repair area.
  6. Reassemble the vehicle, start the engine, and test drive to ensure the leak is resolved.

If uncomfortable working on the fuel system, it’s best to have a mechanic perform the repair.

A leaking gas line is a serious safety hazard. Gasoline fumes are flammable and can ignite easily. It’s important to prioritize safety before attempting any repairs.