How many miles per gallon does a kia soul get?

Hello …I wanna buy a Kia Soul and wanted to get some real-world feedback on its fuel efficiency. I know that manufacturer estimates can be a bit optimistic, so I’d love to hear from actual owners.

Hey there! The Kia Soul is a popular choice for its unique design and practicality. Real-world fuel efficiency can vary based on factors like driving habits, terrain, and maintenance. Generally, owners report that the Kia Soul’s fuel efficiency is quite good for its class. The base models with smaller engines tend to be more fuel-efficient, often achieving around 27-30 MPG combined. The turbocharged or larger engine options might have slightly lower efficiency, around 25-28 MPG combined. It’s always a good idea to check owner forums or reviews specific to the year and engine type you’re considering for more detailed real-world feedback.

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Also, she should consider the oil that she is going to be using. @MissNicklaus If you are in the upper Midwest, then you should consider using fully synthetic oil as it helps to reduce fuel wastage and the flow of oil especially during cold seasons