How fast can a Kia Stinger go

Hi everyone, I’m trying to choose between a Scat Pack and a Stinger GT2 AWD. I’ve tried both and I like them for different reasons. If I choose the Stinger, it’ll be for performance. I know a tuned Stinger can beat a Scat, but I’m curious about your experiences. What kind of improvements have you seen with mods? I’ve heard of people getting 0-60 in 4.0 seconds with a few mods, but what’s the fastest they can go with even more mods and full upgrades? Thanks.

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Tuned Stinger GT2 AWD can beat a Scat Pack. Mods like tunes, intakes, and exhausts can bring 0-60 mph down to 3.3-3.7 seconds. Even faster times are possible with more mods, but require professional installation and risk warranty issues. Research tuners and costs on forums like StingerForum. Choose based on your budget and risk tolerance.

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Can reach speeds of up to 167 mph (269 km/h), but note reaching these speeds is dangerous and should only be attempted on a closed track, never on public roads.


Also note that - Real-world top speeds may vary depending on factors like wind resistance, road conditions, and tire pressure.

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My suggestion is that you go for the Stinger GT2 AWD because it can be easily modified and tuned for high speeds. Also, the Stinger GT2 AWD performance is better compared to that of Scat Pack.
But all in all the decision is yours. That is my own suggestion

You’ve got a tough choice between two excellent muscle cars! Here’s a breakdown to help you decide:

Scat Pack:

  • Pros: Classic American muscle feel, iconic sound, strong aftermarket support.
  • Cons: Heavier weight can impact handling, lower fuel economy.

Stinger GT2 AWD:

  • Pros: More agile handling, luxurious interior, potentially faster acceleration with mods.
  • Cons: Less traditional muscle car feel, newer brand in the performance car world.

Since you’re leaning towards the Stinger for performance, let’s delve into modding it:

Performance Gains with Mods:

0-60 in 4.0 seconds: Absolutely achievable with a few bolt-on mods like a performance air intake, ECU tune, and a cat-back exhaust system. These can give you a significant power boost without extensive changes.

Even Faster Speeds: With more extensive modifications like downpipes, intercoolers (for the turbo), upgraded turbos, and aggressive tuning, Stingers have been reported to reach 0-60 times in the high 3-second range (around 3.7-3.8 seconds).

Considerations for Extreme Performance Mods:

  • Cost: Highly modified builds can get very expensive.
  • Warranty: Extensive mods can void your warranty.
  • Reliability: Pushing the engine to its limits can increase the risk of breakdowns.
  • Drivability: A very aggressive tune might not be ideal for daily driving.

Resources for Stinger Mods:

  • Stinger Forum: Stinger Forum is a great resource for learning about Stinger mods and getting advice from experienced owners.
  • Drag Times: Drag Times allows you to see real-world performance results from other Stinger owners, including the mods they used.

Final Decision:

The choice depends on your budget and priorities. If you crave the fastest possible Stinger and are willing to invest the time and money, extensive mods can achieve incredible results. But if a sub-4-second 0-60 with good daily drivability is enough, moderate mods can get you there for a more reasonable price.