How do I activate SiriusXM Traffic on my Kia?

Has anyone tried SiriusXM Traffic? How does it compare to Google Maps? Is it worth the $4.29/month?

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To activate SiriusXM Traffic on your Kia here what you should do:

  1. Ensure your Kia has a compatible navigation system that supports the service.
  2. Subscribe to SiriusXM Traffic by calling 1-866-635-2349 or visiting SiriusXM is Loading and providing your VIN.
  3. In your Kia’s infotainment settings, enable SiriusXM and the traffic service.
  4. You may need to reset the system after activation for it to start working.
  5. Once active, you’ll see real-time traffic data and alerts on your navigation screen.

If you have any issues, contact your Kia dealer or SiriusXM support for assistance.

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I’ve found that the real-time traffic updates from SiriusXM are more accurate and reliable than those in factory-installed navigation systems.

  • However, SiriusXM’s traffic data is integrated directly into the vehicle’s infotainment system, providing a more seamless in-car experience compared to using a separate smartphone app.

At $4.29 per month, the SiriusXM Traffic service is an additional cost on top of the vehicle’s purchase price and any SiriusXM radio subscription


Since XM traffic only covers major highways, it is useless. Your smartphone’s free Google Maps features traffic for hundreds of other streets. Although it won’t aid in automatic rerouting, that does at least provide you with a far more complete view of the local traffic.