Engine dies when brakes applied

Hello good people… I’m new to both Kia and this forum.

I need assistance troubleshooting an issue with my niece’s car. Here are the details I have:

The vehicle is a 2001 Kia Sportage 4x4. The engine stalls or dies during braking, although not consistently. This seems to happen more often in warmer weather. There’s an exhaust leak present, and there may also be a vacuum leak, but I’m unsure how to pinpoint it.

The error codes retrieved from the check engine light are: p0422, p0507, p0451, and p1115. If any of these codes are responsible for the issue, or if all of them are related, please advise me on the repair procedures. I should be able to handle the repairs myself if I have clear instructions on what needs to be done.

Any guidance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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It sounds like the stalling issue with your niece’s 2001 Kia Sportage could indeed be related to the error codes you’ve retrieved. The P0422 code typically indicates a problem with the catalytic converter, P0507 relates to idle control system concerns, P0451 points to issues with the evaporative emission control system, and P1115 often involves the engine coolant temperature sensor circuit. Given the exhaust and potential vacuum leaks, these could exacerbate the problem. Start by inspecting and possibly replacing the catalytic converter, addressing idle control, checking for leaks in the evaporative system, and testing or replacing the coolant temperature sensor. Clearing these codes and addressing the leaks should help stabilize the engine during braking.

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occurred in my Corolla once; I had to pull over, put it in park, and start the engine to get it started when the engine abruptly stopped at 80 kmph. I fixed the problem by tightening the batteries, and it never happened again.

I think there’s a big vacuum leak coming from the brake booster. That would let a lot of air pass by without the MAF registering it. To handle the extra unmetered air, the engine runs a closed loop on an enriched map when it is cold.

Naturally, speculation. When you press the brakes, does the brake area make any whooshing or whistling noises?

I am sure that whatever she is talking about isn’t related to batteries and Toyota Corolla, because she clearly stated its an engine issue