Can you trust Kia Stingers to work well over time?

I’m new to buying cars and I’m thinking of getting a new Kia Stinger as my first one.

Are the new Stingers reliable? And should I buy new and sell it in 4-5 years, or would leasing be better since I’m only planning to use it for a short while? If I drive around 10,000 miles a year and take good care of it, how much could I sell it for after that time? (assuming the market goes back to normal)

Thanks for any help!

With its combination of price and performance, the Kia Stinger is a good option for a first vehicle. Although Stingers are known for their dependability, regular maintenance is essential, just as with any other vehicle. Buying or leasing will rely on your budget and long-term goals. You may anticipate a respectable resale value in four to five years with prudent maintenance and reasonable usage, but market conditions can change. Do extensive research and think about seeking the opinion of an automotive expert for specific guidance.