Are push to start kias being stolen

Hello guys am considering buying a simple car for my workers to move around the farm and run errands. Am thinking something simple like a push to start Kia


A simple car like a Kia, especially one with push-to-start functionality, can be a great choice for farm workers to move around the farm and run errands efficiently.

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Is your car at risk? Most cars with push-button ignitions are safe from this type of theft, as are Kias made in or after 2022, and Hyundais made in 2023 or later. But if you are planning on purchasing a used Kia or Hyundai, know that you may have trouble getting the car insured if it is considered vulnerable.

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Even though they aren’t a replacement for strong car security systems, steering wheel locks and other obvious theft deterrents can give you extra peace of mind.

Push-to-start Kias, like any vehicle, can be targeted by thieves.

However, they do come with security features like immobilizers and keyless entry systems that make them more difficult to steal compared to older models.

That said, it’s always a good idea to take precautions like parking in well-lit areas, using steering wheel locks, and considering additional anti-theft devices for added security.

Yes, I’ve read that push buttons are at risk too. I saw a Santa Fe stolen (they have push button). I would invest in a club (I bought the basic club for 35$ on Amazon). Most of these folks are kids (novice). They don’t have time to fart around hack sawing a steering wheel for a Kia/Hyundai challenge.