Are KIA's really as bad as people say they are?

I looked at more than five years’ worth of jd power reliability charts because I’m going to buy a car shortly, and Kia has been leading the pack. What’s the deal, then? I get that negative experiences early in life might damage a brand’s reputation, but surely in 2023 problems would be almost nonexistent?

I’m thinking about getting a Kia Stinger GT-Line and would appreciate any advice. It’s the only automobile that truly interests me, and I personally would rather not shell out more cash for a more costly BMW.

I’m just praying that this is a bunch of haters.


Here in New Orleans, Kia and Hyundai cars are getting stolen a lot, even the newest models with software upgrades. I would hold off on getting a Kia for now and use this info however you want.

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Kias are unquestionably better now than they were over ten years ago, despite what some individuals may argue below. Outperforming other more “reputable” manufacturers like Acura and Volvo, Consumer Reports ranks Kia as the 10th best automaker for 2023.

Dealers are hot garbage for Kia. They won’t sell me a new automobile ever again. A complete group of clowns. The automobiles they are producing are rather good, but the dealerships all have the smell of second-rate used car salespeople.

The nonsense they attempted to pull on me was unpleasant enough—at least, I engage in such behavior frequently—but it was quite unsettling to hear them swindle gullible people who were merely attempting to purchase transportation.