Are Kia Sportage Good Cars?

Hello KIA family…
I want to buy a Kia Sportage and would love to hear your opinions and experiences with this model. Are Kia Sportage good cars overall? How do they perform in terms of reliability, comfort, and driving experience?

Overall, they’re considered good cars, especially for the price. People love how comfy they are inside, with plenty of space, and the ride is smooth. Reliability seems good so far for the latest 2024 model, but some folks have mentioned the base engine lacking a bit of power. Test drive one and see for yourself. Anyone else out there driving a Sportage?

I’ve had three different years to own (2010, 2016, 2020) and have experienced no problems. Again, I would purchase a Sportage.

For me, sure. Take ownership of one and make your own judgments; ignore the naysayers. Once more, I’m in Europe and they don’t burn down or disappear here.