2024 Telluride Reviews

I am hesitant to purchase a 2024 Telluride after reading some unsettling tales. Despite a number of problems, is it a worthy investment? I would be grateful for any insights or buying advice from Telluride owners already in operation.

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While some customers have reported problems with the 2024 Telluride, like as engine issues and a fragile AC condenser, it remains a popular SUV. To avoid difficulties, be sure the Telluride you want was made before December 2023 to avoid an engine recall. Take it for a test drive and consider an extended warranty for further peace of mind. Contact other Telluride owners online to learn more about their experiences. This should help you determine whether the Telluride is the correct vehicle for you.

Considering a 2024 Telluride? Despite occasional reported issues, many owners find it to be a worthy investment due to its overall performance, spacious interior, and extensive features. Owners often praise its comfortable ride, impressive towing capacity, and advanced safety features. However, it’s essential to research specific concerns raised by others, such as potential mechanical or electrical issues, to make an informed decision. Checking owner forums or consulting with a trusted mechanic can provide valuable insights into common problems and the Telluride’s reliability over time. Always consider test-driving the vehicle and reviewing its warranty and maintenance history before finalizing your purchase to ensure it meets your expectations and needs.

The steering’s easy, and the car rides smooth like a tank. The rims are awesome, and both the inside and outside feel really sturdy. Nothing to complain about it!!!

Why did you choose it over a Sorento?